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December 30, 2019

Happy New Year To All You Little Dick Cuckolds Who Love Phone Sex Size-Queens & Black Cock Whores!

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Hey Babe! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and I want to let you know that your wife will be fucked by another man as the clock strikes 12 while you sit at home jerking-off wondering if she’ll bring home a pussy full of cream for you to clean. While you wait, you can call one of our HOT wives like me, so you can be reminded of what a pathetic loser you truly are.

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December 22, 2019

Size-Matters! It’s gonna be a BIG cock XXX-mas for these HOT wives who love to cuckold pathetic puny men like you. Treat yourself to Cuckold Phone Sex for X-mas.

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Merry XXX-mas from our HOT wives. The vixens are offering 5 free min or 3 free pics during your next call.

These Size-Queens will cheat, humiliate, sissify and completely cuckold you til your down on your knees eating their creampie!

December 21, 2019

A Desperate Cuckold Christmas

A Desperate Cuckold Christmas

toon52.jpgTwas the night before Xmas
And in every wive’s house
The dicks were all stirring
Including the mouse
The cockheads were hung
For the poor fluffer boys
Who were there to suck cock
And To be our sex toys!
ag_lights2.gif willy-santa.gifThey licked those fat cockheads
And sucked every ball
They’d vacuum their lips on
And then they would haul!
Each naughty wife
Had a pussy so creamy
Just the scent of her cunt
Would make sissy boys dreamy.


val-done.gifSo Willy and BJ
The whores that they are
Threw their fagged ass hubbies
face down on the bar.
They parted their ass cheeks
And with little ado
shoved 12 inches in
And started to screw.


oie_glitters.gifWith Kelly and Val
There was never a miss
They made them eat cum
Then made them drink piss.
The hubbies were sissies
all dressed up in drag
They looked so damn slutty
You knew each was a fag.


miriam-frame.gifAnd Crystal and Miriam
Sluts that they be
Had 2 black studs fuck them
Where hubby could see.
So cuckolds…its Xmas
And what should you do
Drop by our house this Season
We’ve got treats for you.


crystal-xmas-wreath.gifFat pussies and dickheads
And cum shots galore
Cum to our house this season
And be a CUM whore!!!
You’ll suck it from cockheads
You’ll lick it from feet
You’ll suck it from assholes
And swear it tastes sweet.


bj-xmas-2.gifSo remember this Xmas
While you suck on a dick
The only one cumming

This night is St. Nick

We might let you stroke it
Or twiddle your thumbs
But til one of the wives tell you


For the rest of December
We’re offering a deal.
Five extra minutes
To fuck and to squeal.
When you pay for twenty
We’ll give you 5 more!*
Just to say thanks
For being our whore!

ag_lights2.gif* For the month of December mention this posting and get 5 free minutes when you pay for 20. That’s 25 minutes for the price of 20…a savings of $10!

Merry HoHo from the Desperate Cuckold Housewives!

December 14, 2019

Got Enough Penis?

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Do you have enough dick, or a small penis?

Do you have enough dick to stick it or will you only lick it?