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August 31, 2019

The Adventures Of Bobby Jo (BJ) – The Black Cock Whore

Hello guys, here’s a little story of my recent activities:

BJ - Bobby Jo 1

 A couple of weeks ago Benny surprised me by booking the company limousine for the evening. I knew it would be XXXtra special when he tipped the driver generously and sent him on his way. Then Benny slipped into his own chauffeurs uniform and cap. He held the door open for me as I slid into the backseat. He had called ahead and told me to “dress to thrill” so I knew just the sight of my barely restrained breasts and my shapely legs had his cock beginning to rise. I allowed the hem of my daringly short skirt to slip, exposing the milky white flesh of my thighs. I licked my lips and let the words drip from my tongue, “To Pandora’s Box, Benny. And step on it… my pussy is particularly twitchy tonight.”

August 30, 2019


Are you feeling brave… ready to experiment…
push the envelope. 

Miriam 1 

You’re a bit of a pervert and you know it. I bet you envy every man who was ever told his wife was fucking his best friend. I watch you dip your head as you admit you want to suck cock.  Of course you’re not gay.  You just like the feel of a stiff prick tickling your tonsils.  I know you want to call me and tell me all about the cock at the gym you want to suck.  You’re a slut and you know it!  

Call me.  Tell me how you want to suck cock. Tell me how you want your ass fucked!  
You’ll be my ass slut!

Call Mrs. Robinson


August 28, 2019

Teeny Weenie

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If you ever wonder why women cheat on their husbands, here’s why…

Let's have small penis humiliation phone sex!

 If you look like this you should me. We need to have some small penis humiliation phone sex!

I am a desperate cuckold house wife.  I’m desperate becuz my hubby’s penis is desperately SMALL!

Big or Small we take em all…but what we do with them depends on HOW BIG they are!

August 17, 2019

Hello I’m BJ!

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Hello I’m BJ & welcome to Desperate Cuckold Housewives. This is a brand new site that we hope you’ll like.


What can I say, I’m one of the DESPERATE for fat cock, CUCKOLD HOUSEWIVES. I’m a black cock whore to the core and I’d love to share all of my dirty adventures. My number is 1-888-896-7203. I’m around quite a bit especially at night. Give me a call if you want a little fun.

Check back to the site often for updates to our blog.