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October 31, 2019

Black Widow Kelly on Roleplay…

What movie roles do fantasize your wife in? As I was watching the “100 Scariest Movie Scenes” on Bravo TV tonite I saw that infamous clip from “A Clockwork Orange”. It started me thinking about the different roles you’d guys would like to see your Mother or Wife/gf in.  I know that for lots of you the ultimate fantasy would be to have your wife be someone else in the play a different role…to be the Dominant…the victim….the Sissy Mistress, the provocateur…


Of course “A Clockwork Orange” depicts a classic totally vulnerable, emasculated husband forced to observe the violation of his wife. This feeds the cuckold in so many of you. Especially those with that wicked little side that would love to see his proper little wife be totally sexualized…

Likewise I’ve had guys fantasize about their wife/mother being sat upon that pinball machine in “The Accused”. Some want her unwilling but some want her to enjoy having a cheering section as she takes on every guy in the bar…while you watch of course. A nightmare fantasy or a pure sexual heaven..who knows…

The “Catwoman” role always seems to get the guys in heat. Even if Mama or wifey doesn’t have any superpowers, except her ability to force you to suck cock, the leather does have a certain effect on you subbies… Of course there always a few hot pussies strutting their stuff at Halloween. There’s even a few “Tom’s” dressed up like a pretty little pussy in heat……

Maybe this Halloween you’re thinking about slipping into Mommys clothes…maybe not going as far Norman Bates in “Psycho” but the whole raiding Mommy’s closet has its appeal… This mommy’s closet is full of lots of lingerie to fit her faggity assed sissy boys!

My favorite costume for all you cuckolds that don’t wear panties is a spider….because I’m a Black Widow and we all know what a black widow does with her mate…don’t we…
black-widow.gifOf course the movies have given us such great roles of seduction. What if Mama became a Vampiress who were to come into your room at njight and suck more then your blood… Or your wife is really a witch who has taken complete control over your mind and body and now forces you suck dick and hump cock… Perhaps your gf is really a demonic succubus determined to suck your body dry and fuck you into a vegetative state…

So call and share which movie role you would put your Mama, your wife/gf or Me in. Maybe we can write our own nasty little Halloween skin flick …


October 28, 2019

Our Halloween Whores will have you Howlng like the KumSuckin’ whore you are!


It’s dress-up time for sissies and sluts. This is the perfect opportunity to dress up and introduce the woman in you to the world.You can slip into those stockings and heels and your friends might give you a ribbing but they’ll see you as a “good sport”.


October 6, 2019

Free Vibrator!!!

Are you pathetic little no dicks having trouble deciding what to dress up as for Halloween. Well, here’s a suggestion…you can go as my toilet…in other words I can go on your face!


There is no doubt some of you would make great outhouses for All Hallows Eve! I’m more then happy to help you with your look. I’ll just squat on your face and do your make-up! Lots of earth tones I would expect! I’d never forget that ghoulish yellow tinge either.


Perhaps you’re not looking for that “performance art” look. You could always use the “hospital patient” look. One being subjected to an enema maybe. Yes, that would be rather special, seeing you in a short hospital gown with a water filled tube stuffed between your cheeks! Why be a patient with just a bandaged head when the waddling walk of the water logged, stretched bowel is so much more entertaining!



I love the thought of you with your pucker stretched… having to walk around while you get poked and stirred all night!!! Then again you can!dress as a sissy complete with dildo… up your ass. In fact, I love the idea of you parading around for Halloween in stockngs, heels and a nice little pair of panties so much I’ll give you the dildo to shove up your pussy hole!!! That’s right! As a special Halloween “”Treat” I’m giving away a free 6 inch vibrator with a 1 hour call (while supplies last) …see below for details. I want to make sure you get to feel what it’s like to turn a “Halloween Trick” like a real slut and get fucked little a little whore.

So to if you need any advice on getting ready for Halloween call Val. We can shop on line, I can help you plan your outfit or we can just dress you up and pimp you out.!!!


During the month of October I will give everyone who does a one hor call* a free 6 inch, hot blue vibrator. It is the perfect playtoy for any slut or sissy! It is a sexy, sapphire blue and runs on batteries. It is one of my favorite styles and I want you to experience for yourself the pleasures of a deep buzz inside of you. Don’t worry it comes in very discrete packaging to whatever address you wish.


* Certain restrictions apply.

  • While supplies last. I have a limited number and it is first cum first served.
  • Hour must be used in one session.
  • You must mention this add to recieve your free gift.
  • This is a gift and will be sent as regular parcel post. Express shipping or delivery with a tracking method is available at the clients expense when requested.