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February 20, 2020

6 Slut Wives and a sissy sucking, fag boy!

So you like to watch a woman get fucked! What amazes us is that you seem to think you’re worthy to even sneak a peak of a pulsating pussy at work? If you want to see ripe red lips get parted and pumped you’re going to have to pay for the privilege… and not just in dollars…in self-respect!!!

Why don‘t we introduce you to Big John. Isn’t he a strapping big stud. Now, open his button and zipper. Let’s see you whip out that nice fat cock so you can see what a real prick looks like. Notice the ripe full head? Doesn’t look like your puny pecker head does it? You can see his dick has a long, fat shaft not a stubby little stump like yours. Is your whole shaft even as big as his dickhead? NO! Even the juicy vein in his seems to mock you with its pulsing and throbbing.

We know how jealous you are of real men with real cocks! We know you envy how they can stretch a pussy tight and burrow in so deep. You can only imagine how it feels to have 10 inches of hard pounding dick to slam inside a dripping wet cunt.

Well aren‘t you a lucky dick-less dork today. You’re finally going to enjoy the pleasures of a 10 inch ramming rod…right down your throat!!! That’s right Mr. Stumpy…you get to play fluffer boy. Don’t bother trying to look confused. We know you know what is expected of a puny puckered fluffer boy. You get down on your knees and pucker up! Just take your time and give us a show. Savor running your tongue around that glistening, smooth monster cock head. Taste that dribble of pre-cum oozing from that little piss-hole onto your tongue.

JUST DON”T TOUCH YOURSELF!!! We don’t like naughty boys who take liberties without permission. Here We are, offering you this amazing lolli-cock and you try to pleasure yourself first!!! Not likely fluffer boy. Keep hands behind your back. Lose your balance! Fall on that shaft and choke on his dick but keep those hands tucked neatly behind your back!

Just keep sucking. Suck that sticky head into your mouth. We’re enjoying watching you try to work it in. Don’t struggle! Just let him “encourage” your head with his hands. Ok, so he’s cramming your face down into his crotch rather roughly. We like to see your cheeks puff and your eyes bulge and water as he pushes it in deep. That gurgling retch as he triggers that gag reflex really does make our clitties quiver you know. Oh poor thing. Are you crying? Is he too much man for you? Is that too much cock for your sissy mouth to handle. It does feel rather tight in there doesn’t it. Imagine how tight it will be stuffed into an even tighter hole! Is that fear We see etched on your face? All of a sudden the thought of his pubic hairs tickling your nose as you bury your face in his crotch isn’t so bad when you imagine his balls slamming against your ass as he stretches that little fluffer butt-hole with his massive cock! You didn’t know how good you had it getting face fucked, did you?


MMMM…it’s so nice and hard We can’t wait to take turns feeling that rod pounding us one by one. Come over here and juice us up for him. That’s it bury you’re your face into each cunt and scrub your head from side to side.. Lick and suck the lips to plump them up. Pull on those clits and get it them twitching. Smear that juice all over. After working your face into each of our pussies you start to look like a shriveled little raisin. Don’t forget to probe your tongue in deep and suck those juices from within.

Now lie on the floor. One by one we’ll straddle your face. We’re going to lower ourselves down a little and you can help guide Big John’s super stroker deep inside each of us while the others watch and await our turn! You will guide that schlong, rub it back and forth and watch as slips into pussy after pussy. You’ll watch as one of the lips beomes trapped between his shaft and the wall of a slick cunt…being pulled deeper inside with each stroke. You can see as the juices are squeezed out of our cunts and drip down over his balls. It’s your job to LICK IT OFF without allowing one drop of that precious juice go to waste. Suck his balls into your mouth if you have to and make sure there isn’t a single drop on a single pubic hair. Savor it. Watch up close and personal as a real cock pounds a hot little hole? Too bad you aren’t man enough! It doesn’t matter though does it because we can all see your little cocklet quivering and dribbling just watching?

Of course it is. You know this is the closest you will ever get to really fucking pussy! This is the most entertainment you will ever give a group of women like us. You can suck a dick, lick a few twats then clean up the goo he fills us with. We’ll even make sure he saves a load to shoot up inside you. The only question will be what end he uses!
Suck his balls harder. We want you to pull the cum back into his balls so he can fuck us each long and hard. We love how it feels to be full like this. We love the heated friction as slides that massive dick in and out with such long , smooth strokes!

That’s it. Watch that stud grab as he grabs ours hips and rocks it back and forth. Watch the vein on the underside of his dick throb as it slides out. Watch it!!! It throbs faster and faster as he gets closer and closer to squirting great gobs of hot, steamy cream. Look close it’s about to spray! Watch it!! Get close. Here it cums…pumping…squirting… OH yeah. Now get ready as he slides to out catch his cock in your mouth and suck it dry. You’ll finally know what it’s like for a 10 inch prong to explode! Suck it all out. Lick it clean you little puny puckered little cock sucker!!!

Now get on your knees and lick that cream pie clean. Probe your tongue in deep and suck the cum from inside that cunt. Bury your face in there and smear that cunt cream all over your face. Lick your lips!!! Do you feel how a well fucked cunt squeezes around your tongue? Feel that orgasming clit twitch against your nose? Now keep cleaning and sucking as you grab that pathetic,puny dick between your fingers and diddle it between your fingers. We want to laugh as we watch that icky little dribble of runny cum ooze out. Poor baby…not even enough to stroke…just enough to wiggle.. You should be embarrassed to let see that wretched little wiener spit on your palm. Just lick it clean little man. Just lick your own cum from your palm you worthless little cum sucker!!!

Now get then next pussy ready for servicing… It’s going to be a long night for you fluffer boy…a very long night with a very long cock to stuff your face and ass!!!

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February 13, 2020

Desperate Cuckold Housewives…where getting shit faced has nothing to do with boozers…only LOSERS!!!

You can be a chamber maid, a chamber pot or even a personal super-duper pooper scooper with one of our degrading Divas!!!


After all what else is a loser like you good for! You should feel grateful that there are women like us who will let you pay for the privelege of kissing our asses! Let’s be honest you’re probably fat, bald and ugly and Donald Trump you ain’t! You probably have a shrivelled little dickie and even if it isn’t stunted and withered it probably doesn’t last as long as an ice cube in hell! In fact the ice cube would probably leave a bigger wet spot then that gob of goo you call cum.

So we suggest you accept your short”cummings” and work on doing what you were meant to do…lick toilet bowls, suck shit and be a general all around slave boy. Don’t try to be something you’re not…like a real man. Accept your place in the feet of a beautiful woman, with your face buried between her lips and cheeks! Don’t try to be the one who “wear the pants” in the relationship…it will only cover your frilly panties. And when one of our horny housewives tells you to go fuck yourself, grab a nice fat dildo and do just that….and don’t forget to thank her for the pleasure!!!

So stop wasting time. None of us has all day to wait for you to call for instructions. There are real men out there we need to fuck! So get off your fat, lazy ass and dial a Diva at We promise you’ll be as happy as a pig in shit that you did!!!

February 3, 2020

And the free phone sex winner is…

Filed under: Contests and Games,Size Queen Phone Sex — despram0 @ 3:44 am

Here is the winner of last month’s contest!

Congratulations to stubbyhubby who will be enjoying a free 10 minute call with Willy!



We’ve also got an honorable mention by Mama’sFlufferBoy and we’ve decided to give him 5 free minuntes with his next call with one of our ladies!



So lets see what you come up with for our next Comic Contest! Here’s the pic… Good luck. We’ll aanounce the winner at the end of the month!!!



January 13, 2020

Win A Free 10 minute Phone Sex Call

It’s TRUE! You can win a free 10 minute phone call with any girl on our site! All you have to do is come up with a sexy, catchy or riotously funny caption for the comic we provide! Check out this one….

from this…


To this…


Now let’s see what you can come up with for this one!


At the end of the month we will select a winner from among all entries received. Each girl will have one vote for her favorite. In the event of a tie we will pull the winner out of a hat! We will post the winning comic with the new caption right here on the blog! Simply check out the simple rules and send you entry to:
and please put “January Contest” in the subject line.
Please indicate how you would like to be credited on the site if you win. You need not use your real name but we will need some sort of handle to announce!… you know submitted by “FluffyWanker”…or “ButtSlammer”… however you want us to credit you!

You may add the caption yourself using photoshop or other clever method or you can just send your witty words and we will add them for you! So lets see if you guys are as funny as you are horny!!!

The Housewives!


You must be of legal age to enter. If you aren’t old enough to do phonesex in your area you aren’t old enough to enter!

You may use your 10 minute call as part of a longer call. For example if you like to do 30 minute calls you can pay for 20 and use your 10 free minutes that way!

All decisions by the judges (the ladies) are final.

Prize has no cash value and is non transferable and non redeemable except in the form of a free 10 minute call to one of the ladies currently listed on this site.

Call must be redeemed within 60 days of contest closing date.

Contest closes on Jan 31, 2008. Winner will be announced within one week of contest end.

Winner will be notified by email unless another method is requested.

All submissions become the property of and are considered copyright property of this site.