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About The Desperate Cuckold Housewives

We don’t live on Wisteria Lane and our exploits are far naughtier then our TV counterparts! We don’t just have affairs behind our husbands backs we do it right under their noses. In fact their nose is usually only an inch away from the big, fat dicks pumping unto our well fucked cunts. You see most of our husbands have more money then dick. They can keep us happy in the mall, at the country club or on the V.I.P. lists but they can’t give us what we need in the bedroom.

We all met on a desperate wives forum where we shared our stories of disappointment with the men we had married or become involved with. We decided to create our own group and when Kelly told us she had started phone sex we all jumped on the bandwagon and became the “Desperate Cuckold Housewives”.

oie_glitters__kel_2-0.gifThe cuckold Queen. Kelly takes humiliation to a whole new level. She takes great pride in making pathetic, limp dicked men do her bidding while she gets her pleasure from her big, buck studs.  She delights in turning faggity assed sissy boys into genuine panty prancing sissy girls…and that means taking dick from both ends while the ultimate cuckold Domme tells you what a waste of sperm you are!!!

oie_glitters_bj_11.gifBobby Jo …BJ for short. The Gold Digger! She married for money but she fucks for pure pleasure. She likes her puny hubby’s big paycheck but she loves to rub his face in her creamy crotch after one of her many lovers have filled her full thick, sticky cum.

oie_glitters-crystal.gifCrystal…the Diamond in the rough. She realized early thast her ticket out of the trailer park was right under her nose…or under her chin more accurately. With those massive tits pointing the way she went from the rodeo to Rodeo Drive…on her knees. Now she gets it all…hubby’s money and her big, black stud’s hunny.

oie_glitters_mir_1-23.gifShe’s Mrs. Robinson by marriage and by nature. After helping her uptigh, professional husband to the top she decided she wanted to be on top for a change. His little cock didn’t give her what she wanted but her hot, young lovers did. She looks so proper but don’t be mislead..’s a true predator. She’s smart enough help her husband find success and then make him find what she wants best…big dicks!

oie_glitters_3.gifWilhemina Wanker…was there ever anyone more suited to be a natural born cuckold! She’s the good wife gone bad after years of indifference by her career minded husband. While he sits in the next room she fulfills her carnal desires with strangers on the phone. It’s only a matter of time before she dangles a dick in front of his face. She sees the signs…she knows what his real desires are and she is determined to give him what he deserves for all those years of neglect…about 12 inches of hard, dripping cock.

oie_glitters-named.gifVal is the only one who’s never been married. She blames it on her job. As a sex advice columnist she meets lots of men and women who are married and unsatisfied with their sex lives. She decided two things early in her career…variety IS the spice of life and most men harbor a secret desire to watch their bitch get slammed by a real big dick. Most even want a chance to suck dick themselves! So she has her cake and eats it too. Her sideline is helping men make their wet dreams come true. Whether she offers her own pussy to a big dick for one of her puny pecked clients to watch or if she helps them manipulte their wife into bringing home a big cock for them to share, Val loves to entertain the masses.