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January 19, 2012

Horny Blonde Housewife Loves BIG Black Cock In Her Tight Pink Pussy! Cuckold Phone Sex With Bobby Jo!

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Black cock whore looking for an audience.

I’m a horny blonde who loves the feel of a big black cock pounding into my tight pink pussy.  I love to watch in the mirror because the sight of that dark meat disappearing between the lily white cheeks of my ass just  makes my cunt so wet.  It’s especially satisfying when I have a  pathetic little wiener dick on the sidelines watching  and drooling wishing he had what it takes to make this pussy squeeze and squirt.  I love to tease you poor little pecker boys by telling you exactly what you’re missing out on.  I’ll make you so desperate you’d do anything just for a taste of my juicy cunt… even lick it from a long dong or suck another mans cream straight from my hair pie!!!

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January 14, 2012

Not only do I love BIG black cocks but I love watching you suck them too. Cuckold Phone Sex With Miriam.

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Hi Boys.  How would like to find the cuckold mistress of your dreams this year?  Happy New To You!  I am the hottest piece of cuckold ass you could imagine finding on the web.  Not only do I love BIG black cocks but I love watching you, Lover, suck them and lick my asshole clean as they pound my pussy raw.  Is there anything sexier then you being over-powered psychologically as I worship a big black monster dong that makes your cock look tiny in comparison?  My New Year’s wish could be yours too, and I know just how to make it happen.

I have friends of mine that I use for “cuckold parties”.  That is right, Baby.  Big black football players that have season tickets to the local college games come over to barbecue and drink beer while I scamper around in only a pair of bikini panties and a tight white t-shirt (with no bra).  Once they get some liquor in them they like to make lewd comment and spank my ass and call me a “hoe”.  That is where you come in.  When you come by I can tell them all that you are my lover and that no one can pleasure me as much as you do.  They all laugh and say that white guys have smaller dicks.  That is when one of the football players next to you has enough courage to pull out his long cock and show it to me.  Then the one next to him laughs and pulls out an even bigger cock, until the biggest one is so huge in comparison to yours that I laugh.  Then I get on my knees and start to suck that monster cock to see how large it can become.

Standing there, you are in shock.  When I ask you to suck that giant cock with me, you feel uncomfortable but turned on.  You cannot help yourself.  You break down and lick the side as I suck it.  Once he starts fucking me I scream that you need to eat my ass while he fucks me, and when I cum, it will be all over your face.  You feel almost helpless as I pull your head closer into my ass checks and closer to those big balls slapping against my backside.  Then… a huge load of cum that we can both share.  Kick off the New Year with me, Baby, and my fantasy can become our fantasy together.  If you are looking for a cuckold mistress, you have come to the right place Slave Boy.  I might just fuck the whole football team in front of you!

Mrs. Miriam Robinson



January 9, 2012

MILF & Cookies With Valerie – HOT Wife Cuckold Phone Sex!

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Even though I am married and I get all the sex I want, one man is simply not enough to satisfy my lustful and wanton desires.  I cannot help myself, because as much of a lady as I am in my white-bred community, I have to have hard cocks cumming on me and in me or else I am not happy at the end of the day.  Sometimes it is difficult to break away on the weekends and go prowling for young men at the college bars but I have gotten very good at going out for milk and coming home with a milk mustache.  Lol.  Usually, I find my target at the bar, pay for his drinks, and then take him back to the apartment I have rented next door for that special and particular purpose.  I am just the women for you if you are looking for an undercover, sexually freaky hottie who has a one track mind for hot and horny sex.


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