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April 13, 2013

Hello Pain Pig! I am THE MISTRESS and you will obey…


Why does the thought of having masking tape ripped from your balls make your cock hard? Why does the idea of having your balls trussed up make you ooze precum? Why do clothes pins make your nipples dimply little nubs of delight? And why does the thought of having those tender anal membranes stretched and bruised make you reach down and squeeze your nuts in a vice-like grip. Because you’re a PAIN-PIG, that’s why!!!

The pain excites you… It starts the adrenaline pumping. It speeds up your heart and makes it pump faster sending more blood to that already pulsating cock. It makes every nerve in your body vibrate with anticipation, awaiting that next sharp crack of a hand against your bare ass. You hold your breath waiting for the squeeze and twist of your plump cock head. You vow to hold out just a little longer this time before you beg for mercy… before you admit you are broken… before you give your soul to Me.

I am THE MISTRESS and you will obey…

Call Mistress Mirage at 1-866-281-0918


February 2, 2012

I will turn you into a cock sucking SISSY cum whore. You’ll learn about make-up, heels, cock sucking & strap-ons. Get Sissified by the Duchess!

Call the Duchess for Sissy Phone Sex at 1-877-898-7746.

Call the Duchess for Sissy Phone Sex at 1-877-898-7746.


I Am The Duchess!

You will be my Cinder-fella
I will  be your Fairy Godmother.

Every gurl needs a fairy Godmother to bring out her true beauty.  Whether you want to be the belle of the ball or the slut of the bar I will bring out the woman in you.  Your lessons will include make-up and dress, poise and etiquette and embracing your sexual femininity! You need the guidance of a skilled Mistress  to teach you the secrets of gliding in high heels.   You need tutelage in the art of make-up application.  You need lessons in skin care, hair removal and body shaping.

Of course being a proper sissy means more then paying attention to the outside, we need to work on the inside too.  Which is why I use a 10 inch strap-on INSIDE you.  A true sissy must experience full womanhood including appropriate clitoral stimulation, and penetration of the “mangina.”

So when you are ready to become a pretty Princess ready for a royal fucking from Prince charming call Me, The Duchess.  When you are ready for your “Fairy” Godmother to turn you into a faggity assed, pansy queen meant to be fucked by a Diva Queen with a well lubed strap-on, dial my number.  When you are ready to be a sleazed up cum dumpster for faceless dicks you know who to call….


Forced Feminization

Strap-On Training

Forced Homosexuality

& more…

Call the Duchess for Sissy Phone Sex at 1-877-898-7746.