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December 30, 2011

Happy New Year To All You Little Dick Cuckolds Who Love Phone Sex Size-Queens & Black Cock Whores!

Call Bobby Jo - The Black Cock Whore - Size-Queen Cuckold Phone Sex at 1-888-896-7203.

Hey Babe! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and I want to let you know that your wife will be fucked by another man as the clock strikes 12 while you sit at home jerking-off wondering if she’ll bring home a pussy full of cream for you to clean. While you wait, you can call one of our HOT wives like me, so you can be reminded of what a pathetic loser you truly are.

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December 22, 2011

Size-Matters! It’s gonna be a BIG cock XXX-mas for these HOT wives who love to cuckold pathetic puny men like you. Treat yourself to Cuckold Phone Sex for X-mas.

HOT Wife for Cuckold Phone Sex, Humiliation, Sissification and more.


Merry XXX-mas from our HOT wives. The vixens are offering 5 free min or 3 free pics during your next call.

These Size-Queens will cheat, humiliate, sissify and completely cuckold you til your down on your knees eating their creampie!

December 14, 2011

Got Enough Penis?

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Do you have enough dick, or a small penis?

Do you have enough dick to stick it or will you only lick it?

December 12, 2011

Sissy Phone Sex with the Ladies! Hey there Sissy Gurl!

Sissy boy's pink panties

Hey there, sissy boy!  We want to see those panties… and what you’ve
got tucked inside of them.  That pretty pink cotton should be well
stretched by that swollen clitty shouldn’t it.  Just remember, slut
puppy, putting on panties only makes you a panty prancing fagboy
sissy slut.  If you want to be a sleazy tease for one of these
Desperate Cuckold Housewives you’re going to need a make over! After
all We like our whore’s kind of trashy and very cheap!  You know the
type… a short skirt that shows off your goodies. A top so low your
titty flesh threatens to pop out with every heaving breath!  Heels
too high… well… wait a minute heels can never be to high, especially
if you want that butt to sashay just right!

So pucker up and paint your lips cockhead purple and squeeze your ass
tight so that K-Y doesn’t trickle out and dribble down your sissy slut
stockings.  We’ve got a BIG night planned for you! If you’re a pretty
little slut we can dress you up and put you to work… on your knees as a
proper cock sucking, sissy fag boy. If you’re a real “dog”  we’ll
just slap a leash on you and put you to work… on your knees as a fat
assed breeding bitch. Either way we’ll treat you like a queen… a face
fucking sissy CUM Queen that is!!!

So call one of the ladies today for sissy phone sex and hand over
your pathetic little cock for feminization.

Pick your cuckolding house wife!