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August 31, 2007

The Adventures Of Bobby Jo (BJ) – The Black Cock Whore

Hello guys, here’s a little story of my recent activities:

BJ - Bobby Jo 1

 A couple of weeks ago Benny surprised me by booking the company limousine for the evening. I knew it would be XXXtra special when he tipped the driver generously and sent him on his way. Then Benny slipped into his own chauffeurs uniform and cap. He held the door open for me as I slid into the backseat. He had called ahead and told me to “dress to thrill” so I knew just the sight of my barely restrained breasts and my shapely legs had his cock beginning to rise. I allowed the hem of my daringly short skirt to slip, exposing the milky white flesh of my thighs. I licked my lips and let the words drip from my tongue, “To Pandora’s Box, Benny. And step on it… my pussy is particularly twitchy tonight.”

“Yes ma’am,” he nodded as he closed the door on me. I began to touch up my lipstick as Benny watched me in the rear view mirror. It became worrisome when I pulled my breasts out of their “wrapping one by one and began to dab them with lipstick. As I pulled and rubbed my lipstick tinted nipples to full erectness Benny was becoming a little to distracted from his driving.

“Pull over driver!” I ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He immediately pulled over and put the car in gear.

“Pull out your cock Benny,” I whispered.

“Oh, ma’am, not tonight, please,” he whimpered.

“Oh yes, tonight. You’re already over stimulated. Now tie those balls nice and tight. You wouldn’t want to disappoint me.

“Yes Ma’am,” he finally relented.

“Good,” I quipped when he had the string secured tightly around his nuts. “Now you can pay attention to the road while I tint my pussy. I knew that watching me spread my legs and use the mirror to give my pussy extra pink plumpness would have his balls aching before we even walked in the front door of “The Box.”

It was definitely not the type of bar one expected to find a limousine pull up in front of. We disregarded the no parking sign and stepped inside. It was dim, and smoky and very, very dark. And by dark, I mean the patrons. There was a bountiful selection of suitable studs scattered around the room. As I made my way to the bar, Benny made as if he were using the cell phone in the corner.

I ordered a drink and surveyed my buffet. I scanned the faces first then the crotches. I could see at least 5 that were at least 9 inches and one that hinted at 12 or better. It would be a good night! It wasn’t long before the first man approached me. I estimated his prick potential at about 9-10 inches. I could see his eyes locked on the twists of material crossing my tits. I pulled my shoulders back forcing my nipples out and up. He smiled and I watched his cock grow right in front of me.

Another man saw me admiring his friend’s crotch and walked up and threw an arm around my shoulder as he crooned, “This sista needs more then you can offer her brother.” I leaned back just enough so his fingers grazed my nipple. “He whispered in my ear, “I got what you need right here,” as he took my hand and slid it over an enormous cock head throbbing against his pants. I cast a glance at Benny as he watched every move intently.

A third man joined the group and asked what a nice girl like me was doing in a place like this. I simply pointed out that no one said I was a nice girl. I ordered a round of drinks for my new friends… several in fact. I had now become the evening’s entertainment as pool sticks were abandoned and everyone gathered around the hot blonde at the bar. I could feel hands sliding up under my skirt in back. A finger wiggling between the crack and stroking my pucker. Another hand was disappearing up one leg under my skirt. A finger grazed a nipple. A hand was pressed against a hot crotch. I could see Benny squirming as he watched the hands of these strangers probe parts of my body in public that he hadn’t even touched in private in years. I knew that by now his cock was throbbing, his balls swollen painfully.

I watched as Benny slipped into the men’s room. I knew how hard it would be for him to stand at the urinal and piss with his balls trussed up as they were but what better place for him to scope out the candidates and see who had the most delicious looking cock. He knew how to pick a good one… big and black!

As each of my handy men answered the call of nature Benny would stand next to him and release just a few drops for realism as he stole a glance at the piece of dark meat the stud next to him handled. He knew I would have every man that walked in here hard and at full length. I pitied poor Benny really. Not only was he standing next to a bare, hard, black cock, he had to reserve enough “fluids” for realism when the next stud came in. Plus, he had to try to obscure the string around his nuts while he handled a cock throbbing so severely he wasn’t sure he could hold it enough to aim!

After almost all the men had visited the restroom, I saw Benny emerge and signal the waitress. In just a few minutes I saw drinks delivered to two of the men. One was given a blue drink indicating he was 10 plus. The second man received a red drink, the first one over 14 inches plus!!! I almost came just thinking about it. The finger stroking my outer lips was certainly contributing to the moistness seeping between my legs.

“Well boys it’s time for me to go. But perhaps 1 or 2 of you would like to come along for a ride,” I suggested coyly.

There was no shortage of volunteers. Of course, I chose the two sipping the colourful drinks. I was intrigued by his selection. I was sure there were others in the bar bigger then 10 inches. There must be something about him or his cock that led Benny to choose him. As I pulled my body from the fingers and hands groping and probing my body I could feel my cunt lips sliding together, causing a slight shiver of pleasure up my spine. I stepped back and realized every man was staring at my chest. I looked down and saw my nipple peeking from the edge of a strip of leather. I smiled as I pulled on the nipple slightly to pucker it before I poked it back beneath the leather where the hard little nub was visible straining the material.

I didn’t bother to straighten my skirt as I glided across the lounge.
I liked the thought of them catching a glance of my ass cheek, the top of my stockings, or even the slight dribble of juice trickling down my inner thigh. Benny fell in place two steps behind as he indicated to our guests to follow. The two winners were more then happy to follow along. I could see they were already imagining their thick black pricks against my creamy flesh. I knew by the way one loved to play with my hair that he was thinking of having it pulled through his fingers.

We left the lounge to howls and catcalls. Our two chosen ones immediately elevated to the rank of neighbourhood heroes. There was no mistaking where we were going. Everyone knew that before long those mammoth cocks would be stuffing me!

As Benny held the door open I slid into the back seat neatly between our two guests. Benny was barely buckled in before Sly the 14 incher had his fingers sliding beneath the leather to tease my nipple.

“Where to Ma’am.” inquired Benny.

“Park in front of the office,” I purred.

By the time the car was moving, Nigel had his hands probing intently between my legs. I spread them wide to allow him full access.

“MMMM. The white girl has a nice tight pussy my brother,” he growled.

“It just seems to suck my finger all the way in. I reached up to turn on the light. The darkened windows ensured we would not be seen but allowed us a perfect view of anyone passing the car. There was something about having my legs spread and my cunt fingered by a stranger while other strangers passed by just on the other side of the darkened glass. The light also improved Benny’s rear view perspective. I could see him in the mirror licking his lips as I began to work on both men’s fly’s simultaneously. I now had one sucking voraciously on my nipple while the other was sliding one finger into my cunt while another finger was wiggling nimbly up my ass. I tilted my hips to allow him a better angle to dig inside of me and to ensure Benny could see the juice bubbling from around his finger. I felt the car slide to a stop and knew we were parked directly outside his office building. There was the added risk of having another company man knock on the window and find one of their executives dressed as a chauffeur while his wife gets fucked in the back seat by two black studs.

Bobby Jo is a Black Cock Whore

“Take it out!” I ordered and Benny immediately opened his pants and pulled his cock from his shorts. He didn’t touch it but the ribbon had him visibly throbbing already. He returned his eyes to the rear view mirror where he could see me on my knees rubbing the two cock heads together against tongue. I knew he was imagining how they tasted.

“See what a real cock looks like Benny? Just look at the big head on this one. Don’t worry about Benny; he’s just a servant with a small cock. But don’t worry he isn’t completely useless. He drives and he cleans cream pie real good! Don’t you Benny?” His strained smile told me the string was doing its job.

“Turn around Benny and get a proper view,” I invited. I whispered to my playmates and as Benny was turning around I hit the button on the privacy glass. As he pressed his face against the glass, the “boys” began to press the heads of their cocks against the glass leaving little smears of pre cum against the glass. Benny chased the trails from the other side of the glass as though he might feel the heat of their pricks penetrated through to his tongue. The boys began to stroke their cocks with only a quarter inch of glass separating them from him. I laughed at him as I moved to take Nigel’s 10 inch fatty into my mouth. I could see Benny cringe in envy as my lips stretched around the purple knob. My mouth was so wide I could barely see over my badly distorted cheeks. As his prick slid in it closed off all sources of air and I realized how easy it would be for him to fuck the life out of me. I knew Benny watched as my eyes bulged and watered with the pressure of that mound of flesh that pounded my face. Sly had moved behind me and began to finger my cunt and ass. He slipped the barely existent thong wedged between my lips down to expose and spread the perfect pink lips. It was wet and glistening as he pried my cheeks open to show Benny how horny I was for their cocks. He seemed to take great pleasure at the thought of teasing and demeaning poor Benny. Imagine if he knew that every drop of juice that seeped from my cunt caused Benny’s little cock to tug on his aching balls. Sly took his cock and rubbed it up and down through my dripping snatch. As it emerged glistening and slick, Benny was clawing at the window. I knew he was aching to take part, to help. As Sly began to rub his prick against my cunt, I pushed myself back. I wanted Benny to see how badly I wanted this dick up my hole. As the head slipped in I felt completely stuffed from both ends. Every few strokes Nigel would pull out his cock far enough for me to take a gulp of air before he rammed it back into my face. He tangled his fingers into my hair for leverage as he thrust back and forth violently. I could see in the mirror the stark contrast as that black and purple prick disappeared into my porcelain white face.

Sly now inched his cock deep inside my cunt. I felt the cunt juice being squeezed out of my pussy by his massive cock. I hit the button opening the glass and Benny almost fell in. He knew he was invited and slid into the back.

“On the floor,” I demanded. He knew what was expected and immediately slid between Sly’s legs as he was slipping inside me. Sly only groaned as he felt Benny’s mouth close over his balls and begin to suck off the pussy juice trickling down over them. My jaw ached now from the savage fucking being administered by Nigel’s gagging knob. My cunt was so stuffed by Sly’s schlong I was sure I could feel it pushing against my navel. I was being slammed from both ends and my husband was right there to clean up the overflow. I could feel his tongue stroking across my clit, sucking the sticky cream from the hard little nub. Nigel’s hands reached out to squeeze and pull on my tits. They hung down and his dark fingers pulled on the nipples and kneaded the white creamy flesh. I saw the outline of people standing near the car. Benny knew they were there. I was confident the string was biting into his nuts very painfully now. Sly and Nigel groaned and commented on the tightness of my cunt, the heat of my mouth and the tempting pucker of my ass.

“Pucker up like a good white whore,” Sly squealed. I felt him slip from my cunt and begin to push against my asshole. He was determined and pushed hard enough to muscle that gleaming cock head past my convulsing sphincter. There was a violent shot of pain right through me as he rammed it straight up my ass. My bowels were stretched and clenching causing Sly to pant and grunt. Benny continued to clean anything that dripped on his balls or my pussy lips.

Nigel’s cock was beginning to pulsate. I knew he was going to empty his balls any minute. My face seemed frozen in position as that log pounded against the back of my head. A few times I found my head spinning as the oxygen deprivation and steady battering began to make my ears ring and eyes dim.

Suddenly, Nigel pulled free of my mouth. I had expected my jaws to slam shut once they were free of his cock but in fact I couldn’t close them. My jaws were left gaping open as though I were begging for it to be refilled with another pop can pecker. Sly slipped his arms under mine and straightened me up. He pressed the button to open the sun roof and began to stand up. His prick buried inside my ass ensured I was lifted with him. It was buried so deeply it was impossible for only one of us to move. As our head and shoulders emerged from the sunroof, we could see several people standing just on the corners. He started to thrust into me as I felt Nigel’s cock rubbing against my clit. I thought I was going to explode as he forced his prick into my pussy. He slid the head of his cock along the length of Sly’s, using the other cock to help him jam as much black dick into me as possible. On of the men on the corner looked our way as I grunted another inch up my cunt. Benny was now sucking balls, cocks, and cunt lips. Anything that crossed his lips, he sucked and tongued thoroughly. Both men gave me everything they had. I was sandwiched between them, my tits crushed against Nigel’s chest and my nipples nipped by the leather strips. I knew Nigel was about to blow. Just as he was ready to spurt he hauled his cock out and sprayed his jizz all over my cunt and clit. He let his prick fall into Benny’s mouth where it was sucked dry and buffed to a high polish by my husbands tongue.

Needing to feel some hard steady pressure against my clit, I reached down and grabbed Benny’s hair. I pulled him into my crotch and began to scrub his face into my cum coated cunt. Sly was still pounding my ass and Nigel was sucking savagely on my tits just below the level of the sunroof. Benny sucked and tongued my pussy while Sly rammed my bunghole. Sly was already grinding into my ear that he was going to pump my ass full of cum and make Benny suck it out. He told me how much he liked fucking white princesses with his black shaft. It thrilled him that he could give the little white whores what their rich pasty husbands never could. His words were driving Benny into frenzy. He nipped, grated and licked my clit deliriously. I knew I was about to cum violently. My body went rigid as Sly’s 14th inch touched bottom and the waves of orgasm began to spread through my body. I started to thrust and buck against the cock screwing deep into me. I never thought he could push deeper but he did. As he came convulsively deep inside my ass, I felt it push in a little more. Perhaps it was the pressure of his load that pushed in with such force that it spread into my deepest bowels.

As he pulled his still partially hard cock from my ass, Benny began catching the strings of cum stretching from Sly’s cock and sucking them into his mouth. Some of them were so thick and creamy it seemed Benny could not pull back far enough to make it break. He looked and sounded like he was slurping strings of spaghetti between his lips. He was so excited as he pulled the head of that black prick between his lips. He sucked Sly dry. He tongued his shaft clean and then he turned back to me. I was now leaning over the opposite seat with cum streaming from my gaping ass. My jaws would close now, but to do so caused great pain. As a result my jaw hung slack and my swollen lips quivered as I felt my ass muscles cramp and spasm squeezing the hot cum from my bunghole. When I felt Benny’s tongue slip inside me, my ass clenched around his tongue. He formed his tongue into a rolled straw and began to suck. I could feel as he sucked and hear as he swallowed and gradually the gripping spasms began to subside. As he licked the last traces of cum from between my lips, I was conscious of every bruised and battered muscle. My lips and jaws ached. My cunt felt shredded and I was sure my ass would never shrink back to its original size. I looked at Benny and smiled because I knew he would ache much longer. He looked at me longingly but I simply tossed my head towards the front and he immediately began to dress and return to the driver’s seat.

It was time to return our guests to their natural habitat. Let them share their ale with their friends… or at least as much as they want to. By the time Sly and Nigel had slid from the car I was already spreading my legs and beginning to play with m clit again.

“Where’s that new blues bar Benny? I think we should drop by for a drink,” I suggested with a wink into the rear view mirror.

Want to hear more? Give me a call.

Call Bobby Jo (BJ) at:


August 30, 2007


Are you feeling brave… ready to experiment…
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August 17, 2007

Hello I’m BJ!

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Hello I’m BJ & welcome to Desperate Cuckold Housewives. This is a brand new site that we hope you’ll like.


What can I say, I’m one of the DESPERATE for fat cock, CUCKOLD HOUSEWIVES. I’m a black cock whore to the core and I’d love to share all of my dirty adventures. My number is 1-888-896-7203. I’m around quite a bit especially at night. Give me a call if you want a little fun.

Check back to the site often for updates to our blog.